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S.P.B celebrated his 60th birthday on June 4th, 2006. At dhooL.com, we've prepared this small tribute to the man who has enthralled us with thousands of songs for the last few decades.

We had a brief conversation with SPB himself and wished him on this joyous occasion. You can listen to this chat, which runs to roughly 16 minutes, here

Udhaya wrote a paean on SPB and this was read out to him during the conversation. SPB seemed to enjoy this heartfelt praise from a true fan. Read Udhaya's poem here.

Saravanan, who is arguably the best chronicler/writer on Tamil Film Music, writes on the magical first year of SPB in Tamil films. He writes in detail about the first five songs that SPB has sung. His trip back to SPB's early days is here.

MS recalls various songs of SPB that affected him in a "paamaran kaditham" here.

Sriram Lakshman takes us on a nostalgic trip back to his school days, listening to old SPB gems here.

DhooL's Song of the Day section has featured lots of great SPB numbers. Check them out here.

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