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Did you know that Naushad composed a song in thamizh? Did you hear Jikki's version of the famous Doris Day's song, Que Sera Sera? When was the last time you heard the legendary Silappadhikaaram song 'thingaL maalai veNkudaiyaan' by Salil Choudhry? How many Ilayaraja songs in the 70s have you heard? Forgot the great songs by Shyam, G.K.Venkatesh or M.B.Srinivasan? Forgot your childhood lullabies like 'neela vaNNak kaNNaa vaadaa'? Are you keeping track of latest releases? These, and much much more, in this section, Song Of The Day.

Song Of The Day feature was started in June 2002, and has been continued for more than two years, 500 songs and counting. Every day, a song is posted and discussed on. Songs range from the well-known to rare and forgotten. You can find old N.C.Vasanthakokilam and M.K.T songs, as well as new songs by Vidhyasagar, Rahman and others. Rare gems like Background Music, Theme Music, Instrumental bits and amateur compositions are also featured.

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G.K.Venkatesh - A Retrospective (Feb 7, 2004)

Saravanan has written a detailed article on the music director G.K.Venkatesh, who gave us several unforgettable songs. This follows a series in the Song of the Day section a while back, where a song of GKV was featured every week. Read the article here.

A Tribute to SPB (Sep 19, 2004)

A good singer and a friend of mine, Raja Govindarajan, met S.P.B at Chennai a couple of months back. During their conversation, SPB mentioned that he doesn't remember/have a lot of old rare songs that he has sung and would love to recollect them and have them in his collection. Raja then told SPB about TFMPage and Song Of The Day section and the discussions that take place there. He then offered to give SPB a set of old songs.

Fast Forward to today; I prepared a set of 41 songs, and a 90 page booklet on the songs. All these songs are old SOTDs and the booklet contained the discussions on these songs. SPB came to the Bay Area today for a concert at Hayward. I met him at the backstage before the concert with Udhaya. We gave him the CDs and the booklet and talked with him for a few minutes. SPB was very courteous and thanked me several times. I was surprised that he made time to to even see us and accept this, just half an hour before the concert. I told him that we have a lot of knowledgeable people and huge collection of his songs, so if he wanted more we could give him whatever information he wanted.

The booklet that I gave him is here: http://www.tfmdhool.com/sotd/spb.pdf .

The 3 CDs that I gave him included 4-5 more songs that are not in this list, like 'vaa ponmayilE', 'malarE ennenna kOlam' and 'thErOttam'.

Read more here .