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 Name  Description
  Songs for the weekend   I've often reserved outstanding songs for the weekend. This collection has songs that are among the best in SOTD and have been posted for the weekend.
  Bharathiyar Songs   Songs by the Mahakavi.
  Background Music   Vintage BGMs from films like Johnny and NizhalgaL.
  Non-TFM songs   Songs that are not from any film.
  Jayakanthan/M.B.Srinivasan songs   Rare songs by these two stalwarts.
  One of a kind   Rare, unique songs
  Early Ilayaraja songs   Ilayaraja songs in the 1970s.
  2003 Songs   New songs that got released in 2003.
  MSV - SPB songs   Many great songs have come from this pair. Here are some of those unforgettable songs.
  Songs by other composers   TFM doesn't begin and end with giants like MSV, IR and ARR. Here are songs by other composers.
  Songs from another era   Old songs from the likes of MKT.
  P.Suseela solos   Evergreen songs by P.Suseela.
  Funny songs   Songs that will make you laugh.
  Saravanan's picks   Saravanan, who moonlights as a Tamil Film Music historian, selects a song each week and writes on it. These are his picks.
  Classically speaking   Songs sung by Carnatic singers like GNB or MLV.
  2004 Songs   New songs released in 2004.
  Malarndhum malaraadhavai   Songs from unreleased films. This series by Saravanan will be an eye-opener. Listen to these forgotten songs that deserved a kinder destiny!
  2005 Songs   Songs from Films released in 2005.
  themmaangu paadalgaL   Udhaya's series on themmaangu paadalgaL.
  Jazz in Tamil Film Music   Venkat writes a series on what Jazz is, the various features of Jazz and illustrates songs in Tamil Film Music that have the jazz flavor. A highly educational series, check it out!
  Jayachandran Songs   MS has been running a series on songs sung by Jayachandran. He has unearthed several melodious and rare numbers.
  Non-Tamil Songs   Songs from films in other languages.
  2006 Songs   Songs from films released in 2006.
  Western Classical Series   This is a series on popular and noteworthy Western Classical pieces, by Shankar.
  2007 Songs   Songs from movies released in 2007.