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Song of the Day # 976

From: bb on: Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:11 pm 

Song of the Day: poo poo from pudhu nellu pudhu naathu.



- Adithi writes:

Movie: Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naatthu
Singers: SPB, SJ
Music: Ilayaraaja
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran?

In the very recent past, I have been listening to quite a few songs based on Shuddha Danyasi. I have been trying to ransack my brainbox and stumbling upon one gem after the other from all different time periods in no particular order.

Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naathu was released sometime in the early 90s, 1991 if I remember right. A time when Rahman was creating waves with his new age music and people were already beginning to talk about the Raaja regime coming to an end. Yet IR was still going strong and producing hits one after the other- some short-lived and some to stand the test of time.

I was in school then, rebellious and anxious to see a big change in everything I saw and heard. I identified myself with the anti-Raaja camp (it doesn't cease to amuse me when I think of how kiddish and opinionated I have been) and staunchly refused to acknowledge the beauty of most of the Maestro's works of that period. There have been days when I have complained to the bus driver on the way to college for continuously playing Raaja hits and deliberately avoiding the Rahman numbers…..Oh, those young days!

PNPN had such catchy tunes as "Karutha machaan" and "Chittaan chittaan kuruvi". The faces in the songs on "Oliyum OLiyum" had already put me off and kept me from watching the movie at the theatres. But "Poo poo poo" was different. The gleeful lyrics, SPB's naughtiness, SJ's adorable clear voice and the unmistakable trademark mood of IR songs could not be missed in this Shuddha Danyasi treat! It was just one of those melodies that I was heavily criticising openly ("how many songs is he going to score in this Raagam? Tsk tsk") but was secretly falling in love with.

Many years have passed and I have learnt to appreciate good music irrespective of the source. "Poo poo poo" reminds me of the start of that sweet transition.

- KMW_Shoe wrote the lyrics here: http://www.dhool.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2302

Tags: S.P.B ,S.Janaki, Ilayaraja

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