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Song of the Day # 946

From: bb on:  Wed May 14, 2008 5:09 am 

Song of the Day: mA madurai from oLimayamAna ethirkAlam.



- Udhaya writes:

Song: mA madurai naattinil
Film: OLimayamAna ethirkAlam
Singers: SPB, VJ
Music: Vijayabasker
Lyricist: Kannadhasan?

It's time again to revisit the low-tech 70s with its bountiful collection of graceful melodies. A great artist can create a memorable painting with very few colors. The SOTD flies elegantly on simple guitar, bongos, tabla, and flute for the most part. A surprising carnatic interlude with delicious miruthangam shows up only to flow back to the easy melody. Vijayabasker will be enshrined forever in my musical pantheon for just a dozen of his melodies. They are enchanting and profound in their simplicity. SPB and VJ, Vijayabasker's platinum pair, etch another object of wonder in our musical landscape.

Tags: S.P.B , Vani Jayaram , Vijayabhaskar

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