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Song of the Day # 943

From: bb on:  Thu May 01, 2008 10:12 pm

Song of the Day: naakka mookka from kaadhalil vizhundhEn.



- Music by Vijay Antony. Sung by "Chinna poNNu", wonder who this is. Lyrics by P.V.Prasad.

- Kaadhalil vizhundhEn is a yet-to-be-released film starring Devayani's brother Nakul (who acted in Boys). The film was supposed to release a while ago, it hasn't seen the light of day.

- This song, naakka mookka is an ultimate kuththu paattu. You just feel like dancing to this number. The song has become a huge hit even before the release of the movie. I think this will be the "vaaLai meenukkum" of this year. I loved it. lungi-yai madichu katti aadath thONudhu! Turn up the volume, let down your hair and dance!

- This song is already getting a lot of airtime in the dance shows in various channels. See this video for example. Someone has done a video remix of this song with video from Paruththiveeran.

- There is another version of this song sung by Vijay Antony himself. He has also apparently blatantly copied a Rihanna song in this album.

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