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Song of the Day # 939

From: bb on: Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:49 pm  

Song of the Day: poo varaiyum poongodiyE from Ithayaththil Nee.



- Udhaya writes:

Song: poo varaiyum poongodiyE
Film: Ithayaththil Nee
Singer: P.B.Srinivas
Lyrics: Vaali

I happened to watch a Raj TV special celebrating nearly 50 years of Vaali's career as a lyricist. In that marathon session of illprepared, ineffective speakers and their irrelevant non-odes, a handful of interesting speakers (Vaali certainly key among them) and their anecdotes stuck with me. I learned that actor V.Gopalakrishnan was key in bringing Vaali to the producer of Ithayaththil Nee for which Vaali wrote the SOTD as his maiden venture in Thamizh film song lyrics. I thought it prescient that the poet's first word in movies was "pU".

Vaali's first ever recorded song was the devotional, "kaRpanai enRaalum kaRchilai enRaalum kandhanE unnai maRavEn" for TMS' private album. Again, here too is a very notable first word that sums up a poet's gift, "kaRpanai". My personal thoughts on Vaali are paradoxic. The silver haired wild man has my undying respect for works like "PadagOtti" and my relentless scorn for all the petty stuff he peddled under his name under the name of lyrics. But the octogenarian has weathered the years like a champion and deserves at least an acknowledgment from me. Someday a proper retrospective banquet by Saravanan will follow this teaser appetizer that I'm serving.

MSV and PBS make this young songbird's maiden voyage a timeless one. Enjoy.

Tags: M.S.Viswanathan , P.B.Srinivas

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