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Song of the Day # 932

From: bb on: Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:04 am 

Song of the Day: ponnAnganni from natchaththiram.


- Udhaya writes:

Song: ponnAnganni pUththu vandhadhO
Film: Natchaththiram
Singer: SPB, P.Suseela
MD: Shankar-Ganesh
Lyrics: Vaali?

I hoped to host this as part of my themmAngu series but that was not to be. Like a long forgotten wish lying at my doorstep, I happened on this song while doing a cursory check of my usual song haunts. It's 3am and here I am jolted awake by the delightful reunion with this song and writing this.

S-G had a signature style with their folk rhythms that always sounded raucous and urban, bringing to mind some college youth partying.I certainly remember rocking to this one. SPB and PS perform an aural mating dance that seeps in and takes us over. Hope it catches you in a good groove.

Tags: S.P.B , P.Suseela , Shankar-Ganesh

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