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Song of the Day # 881

From: bb on: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:18 pm 

Song of the Day: un kaadhOdu from nijangaL.



- Saravanan writes:

un kaadhOdu from nijangaL

Sung by SPB & S.P. Shailaja
Lyrics by Vaali
Music by M.B. Srinivasan

nijangaL (Ramya Chitra/ 1982) was an unconventional movie that juxtaposed the break-down of a long distance bus with the lives of the passengers traveling therein. Sivakumar, Suman, S.V. Shekhar, Menaka, Deepa, Cho, Y.G. Parthasarathi and Anandi were in the cast. Directed by K.S. Sethumadhavan, the movie had some thought provoking dialogues written by ‘vietnam veedu’ Sundaram. An upcoming Madhu Ambat’s cinematography was another pleasant feature of the movie.

‘nijangaL’ was the last Tamil movie MBS composed music for, and he left his indelible signature in all the 3 songs in the album. The haunting ‘amma undhan kai vaLaiyaai’ was earlier featured as SOTD here:


Listen now to this dainty duet of whispery caresses. As is often the norm in songs of this genre, the man is athirst with inflamed passions and pleads to her for succor. Though similarly aroused, the demure damsel counsels patience and restraint. Both put forth their arguments citing fetching analogies. Who other than SPB can coat each syllable with so much longing! Shailaja becomes ‘shy lajja’ as she wards off the man’s advances with bashful tenacity.

The guitar and the drums are imaginatively employed all along to lend the song an ambience of furtive romance. The fact that the 2 interludes are similar does not in any way take away the song's allure. It is in nostalgic reminiscences of such simple elegance that MBS lives on and blooms….

More on MBS here:


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