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Song of the Day # 84

From: bb (@ on: Thu Oct 10 23:46:19 EDT 2002

Song of the Day: naan eNNum pozhudhu from azhiyaadha kOlangaL.


- This song is a rare gem by Salil Chaudhary. Sung by SPB.
- Thread on Salilda: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/7233.07.18.58.html
- Directed by Balu Mahendra.
RajaG writes on this song:
This song was originally composed in Bengali as 'naa mOnO laagEnaa' by
Salilda and he released it as aadHunik baangla gaan (Bengali modern songs)
by Lata Mangeshkar. As far as I know, it was not associated with any movie.
The Bengali MDs who were also famous Hindi Film MDs (SC, SDB, RDB) always
used Bengal as the test market before they 'recycled' the songs for Hindi
film songs. There are countless HFM hits by these MDs which have popular
Bengali originals - of course, none were copies because they were the
original creators in Bengali too. Later, Salilda used this song (with Lata's
voice again) as 'naa jiyaa laagE naa' in Anand. (Strangely, none of the
other three songs in Anand have Bengali originals).

One interesting point is while the orchestration of the song was similar for
Bengali and Hindi, the thamizh version (I can bet there is probably a
Malayalam version too) has a much longer prelude, longer and richer
interlude scores and also has a concluding score after the final pallavi by
SPB. There is also a lot of voice chorus in the interlude which was absent
in the original. In terms of singing, obviously LM set the standard but both
Hindi and Bengali versions of the song border on the melancholy. SPB's
version adds a beautiful romantic touch to the song. But then SPB is a fan
of LM and SC and he would have set himself a high standard to deliver a

MS writes on this song:
A gem of a song from SPB-Salil choudhry. One song
which tells us how much IR has been influenced by
Salil. Salil is one of those melody makers of the
great hindi classics era but with a characteristic
touch of western flavour. His melodies were incisive
and truly original. This song's original version was
sung by Lata Mangeshkar in the movie Anand "naa jiya
lage na..". In my opinion it pales in comparison with
the delivery of SPB in tamil. The song is flat though
lata is sonorous. The hindi version was completely
made devoid of the characteristic lengthy prelude and
similar interludes. Hindi audience is not as patient
as tamil is when it comes to inteludes :-) When SPB
sings the second charaNam, u can find at the start a
distint "micro brigha" which is absent in Lata's
version. In fact Lata's song is ultra flat and hardly
has any unexpected twist except for the way she sings
'jiyaa laga ne' in the ante-penultimate line of the

hindi version of the song available here


The prelude is highly reminiscent of 'ore naaL unai
naan nilaavil paarththadhu'. The usage of violins and
the ending guitar pice are highly similar. The usage
of chorus in interludes is very much similar to what
IR used in many songs. This has song's strcutre has
these features:

(1) long prelude(1:09 min..longest probably in tfm)
(2) dhara dharannu mEla yeri keeza irangum violins
(3) guitar ending in the prelude.
(4) the charaNam of both songs start ghazalish.
(5) bass guitar in the interludes usage is ditto IR.
(6) "andha naaaaL" - sounds very familiar to
"pournami.." (ennodu pattu paadungaL from

All these are there in 'ore naaL unai naan nilaavil'
too. After all these similarities it is indeed worth
mentioning that IR was a lead guitarist in salil's
troupe for sometime :-)

another song which is in the same lines is : mazaiyum
neeye from azagan - SPB urugi rasiththu paadiya
matroru paadal.

A song to cherish for all SPB lovers.


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