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Song of the Day # 813

From: bb on:  Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:21 pm  

Song of the Day: nadaiyai maaththu from kannipparuvaththilE.

Listen to the song

- Udhaya writes:

Song: nadaiyai maaththu
Film: Kannipparuvaththile
Singers: Malaysia Vasudevan, S.Janaki
MD: Shankar-Ganesh
Lyricist: ?

In songs like these Malaysia Vasudevan reminds us of his special purpose in TFM. While never a fan of SJ's timbre, I would be remiss if I didn't admit she sounds fresh and delightful here. (Is it really her?)

Shankar-Ganesh, not necessarily known for their themmAngu, take a page from IR's book and make a rocket launcher out of it. However, it would be gross injustice to call this song an IR-clone. The phrasing that sounds like the parade of words risks running out of sandham is crisp and original. So is the thinakku, so is the merry-go-round swirl of folk instruments--urumi, maththalam, nayyaandi naayanam, udukkai, and other rustic delights that kick up country dust and revelry here.

The movie was a huge hit and brought rare accolades for S-G from both the media and fans. The producer of "16 Vayathinile" and "Kizhakke Pogum Rayil", S.A.Rajkannu broke ties with IR and BR and relied heavily on S-G and Bagyaraj to carry the movie. They did.

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