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Song of the Day # 796

From: bb on: Tue Aug 01, 2006 8:47 pm 

Song of the Day: oththaiyadi paathaiyilE from nimirnthu nil.

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- Udhaya writes:

Song: oththaiyadi paathaiyilE
Film: Nimirnthu Nil
Singers: TMS, PS
Lyricist: Vaali

CSR and Ramesh, your request is being honored, thanks for your patience. As I mentioned before, this song didn't completely set foot in the themmAngu category because of a certain reticent formality in the rendition. The diction doesn't have the colloquialism and ease that IR brought to TFM. This by no means is an indication of the composer or singers' limitation. It could have been a concerted effort by the movie makers to project the song in a middle of the road way to accomodate any scenery when filming, who knows!

All this nitpicking is only for the sake of my themmAngu categorization, which the song certainly didn't require to exist. The song by itself is a winner on many levels. The more I listen to MSV and KVM's oldies, the more amazed I am at how effortlessly their sandhams climb and cascade without getting far from the central melody. This looms as a larger feat when compared to contemporary TFM songs where the sandham lies etherized, flatlining its meager existence. MSV's tune sweeps us into a picturesque meadow spreading to an endless horizon, buoyed by hollow beats and a melodic flute. Regardless of our agreement on the song's themmAngu quotient, it's melodic thrall on us is undeniable.

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