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Song of the Day # 789

From: bb on:  Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:59 pm

Song of the Day: malargaLE idhO idhO from theeraatha viLaiyaattu piLLai.

Listen to the song

- MS writes:

Song: malargaLe idho
Movie : theeradha viLaiyaattup piLLai
Singers : SPB, SPS
Composers : Shankar Ganesh

It is not very usual to find in any film industry a brother-sister pair singing duets ! SPB and and SP Shailaja are two such artists. This is a classic song from the Shankar Ganesh stable. I think they had just acquired a synthesizer from somewhere. Atleast the preludes look so. Some strange sounds ! SPB is all gold in this song. Awesome improvisations !!

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