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Song of the Day # 788

From: bb on:  Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:34 pm  

Song of the Day: sigappu kallu mookkuththi from ellOrum nallavarE.

Listen to the song

- Udhaya writes:

Song: sivappu kallu mUkkuththi
Film: Ellorum Nallavare
Singers: TMS, PS
MD: V.Kumar
Lyricist: Pulamaippiththan

I searched long and hard for this V.Kumar themmAngu only to find it tucked away in Saravanan's fabulous series on V.Kumar:


All along I've known this song's a keeper, but I had forgotten the grace notes that decorate it. VK brings out the song's galloping spirit mainly through tabla for the first minute; the way the tabla undulates and stutter steps it, there's no point in resisting the song's pull. Then a flash of violin, some thamukku, a very short flute piece all arranged in perfect intervals cover the entire song's orchestration. Now, imagine any of today's MDs attempting this less-is-more feat. It almost seems an unfair suggestion doesn't it?

Other than the composition, the treasure is in the rurally cooked lyrics by Pulamaippiththan and the deep familiarity in the exchanges between TMS and PS. Another telling aspect of the rendition and pacing is the way each phrase is savored and relished without being hailed at us like confetti. TMS once exclaimed to a friend with sincere liberty, "Suseelaammaavum naanum kalaik kaadhalargaL". That sentiment comes through uncontrived here with TMS getting into it adoringly with "aahaa...appidippOdu".

This kind of ease and spontaneity is hard to imagine between Hariharan and Harini or between Karthik or Tippu and the myriad of technically weaned one song wonders yet to assail us over-the-transom.

- padaiththaanE brahma dEvan from the same film: http://www.dhool.com/sotd2/160.html

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