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Song of the Day # 764

From: bb on:  Mon May 08, 2006 8:55 pm 

Song of the Day: A Special Election Song.

Listen to the song

- As you might be aware, a few friends and I joined together and we've been covering the TamilNadu elections in a blog.

The blog is at: http://hotmachihot.blogspot.com/

We've taken a satirical cum analytical look at this election and have had lots of fun doing it. In a short time, this blog became a big hit, and got named in several leading publications as well. We wrote a lot of funny articles, as well as serious look at the issues in this election.

To top it all off, two of the main contributors came up with this excellent song on the tamilnadu elections. The song is based on the recent gaana hit, "vaaLai meenukkum". It is a laugh riot! It is hot, machi, hot :)

The post announcing the song is here: http://hotmachihot.blogspot.com/2006/05/hmh-election-special-gana-song.html

- Udhaya writes:

Song: Karunanidhikkum jeyalalithaakkum sandaingO.
Singer: Arun Vaidyanathan
MD: Vaitheegan
Lyrics: Arun Vaidyanathan

I’m very proud to introduce today’s SOTD and the talents involved. They’re a bunch of exiled Indian expatriates whose varied interests came together fortuitously on a whim during the irony overkill that is the election season in Tamil Nadu. Unable to bear the mile a minute promises and the audacity of the campaigners that left no uncivil gesture alone, these fellow Indians formed a blog to skewer and flame broil the politicos and their cronies, if only to attain a feeling of participation in the elections from abroad and a delusion of justice served. What we must all truly celebrate here is a TN anomaly—freedom of the press.

Vaitheegan, the MD, opted to clean up this song with more technical finesse. I opted to present the raw version to make the SOTD before the elections; so any gripes about the quality of the song are mine to bear. Vaitheegan has another avatar as a prominent composer with a recognizable name and undeniable talent, but it’s not my job to ‘out’ him here so, let me take the fifth regarding him.

Arun, a noted impressionist in the east coast circle, has long been a political aficionado. He made his mark with sharp editorials earlier with a tamil website. He later went on to garner quite a reputation with awards and felicitations as a short-film maker. As the lyricist of the SOTD, he has delivered an insightful editorial foreboding with the scenarios of both candidates as victor and ruler of Tamil Nadu. While the future is scary, the song is all fun and merriment. Enjoy!

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