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Song of the Day # 731

From: bb on:  Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:04 pm 

Song of the Day: nenaichathellaam nadakkappOra from uRavaadum nenjam.

Listen to the song

- Udhaya writes:

Song: nenaichathellAm nadakkapORa from “uRavaadum nenjam”
Singers: SPB, SJ

A teasing guitar bit ropes us in with SJ’s elated humming stoking the fire further. You know right away you’re destined to joyville. Then SPB makes an entrance with the urgent beckoning, ‘nenaichadhellaam nadakkappORa nErathila vaadi en kaadhal rANi naanthAnE thENi’. adadaa ennaa pallavi, ennaa pallavi! idam, poruL, aaval ellAm idhilayE adakkam. SPB brings his appetite for delight knowing fully well that a feast is in store. SJ does her best going toe-to-toe with him. What ’s more, we’re invited to the party!

Even in this low-visibility themmAngu, the early-Ilayaraja meticulousness is evident everywhere, especially in the transitions. The way he releases and restrains the reins on the various instruments as they come and go in a square dance of sorts exchanging partners and returning to their base is a wonder to experience over and over. The strings, the sure-stepping march of percussions—tabla, thamukku and funky horns that sound like a cross between shenoy and naayaNam all contribute to the celebration. There’s no cut-and-paste interlude effect in this song’s flow. The sandham’s inalienable rights are well preserved here.

A few days ago, after a dog of a workday made worse by other unwelcome news that were all downers, I rushed home to the solace of music. All alone, I cranked the stereo, put it on shuffle and was about to change clothes, when this song came on like a blessing…I changed into the lungi I hadn’t worn in ages and just let myself go and did some damage to the carpet floor by dancing up a storm. No, I’m not a dancer, and no it probably wasn’t pretty to witness, but my feeling after the song was sheer exhilaration as all my gloom went crying for cover. TFM saves another day from the clutches of life.

- One of the earliest films for IR, this also has the song "oru naaL unnOdu oru naaL", which suprisingly hasn't made it to SOTD yet. Will put it up some day.

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