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Song of the Day # 730

From: bb on:  Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:11 am

Song of the Day: pongum kadalOsai from meenava naNban.

Listen to the song

- A great song for the weekend. Sung by Vani Jayaram, Music by M.S.V.

- SL writes:

The song arrives with a bang with VJ's high-pitched 'pongum kadalOsai..' with xylophones, triple congos and mirudangam taking over and undulating into majestic calmness at 'pongum thamizhOsai'.... as if making a point...softly, strongly spoken. The song must have been tuned to pre-written lyrics. Richness of melody with great orchestral embellishments usher in images of the silhouette a woman dreamily paddling away. The tune has all that one expects from MSV, savoury variations in line with the lyrics and a tasty charanam 'hand-shake' with the pallavi. Very aptly conjured up harmony in the rhythm section especially in the charanams, when the song starts veering towards the end of the charanam is yet another display of sense of placement,etiquette, aesthetics and whatever... Precise sense of sound, rhythm, usage of instruments decorate this great tune and the result is a package of musical delight from the master song 'planner'.

- Shri posted the lyrics for the song here: http://www.dhool.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2175

- Saravanan wrote about this song in his Vani Jayaram series:

This is such a "Belessed" song. Vani puts you into a trance with her opening humming, as as she begins her konjum thamizhosai, you are totally lost in an enchanting world. MSV weaves, with his silky strings, a tantalising tapestry of wondrous hues, and Vani is the warp and waft, verily has she put her heart and soul into the song. Each bit of the interlude music is awesome (the first and the third interlude being similar). Even if you happen to catch a just a tiny bit of it from some roadside shop's radio you will immediately recognize the song! There is an ageless beauty in every bit of the song, from the initial humming right upto the class, caressing fade out in the end. Visuvum Vaniyum vazhangiya indha Valaji, oru vaseegara vindhai!

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