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Song of the Day # 688

From: bb on:  Wed Sep 21, 2005 10:56 pm

Song of the Day: sathiyavan savithri kooththu from navarathiri.

Listen to the song

- Udhaya writes:

Before movies, kUthu played a huge part in entertaining and informing our rural masses. Historical and devotional epics were all sampled in this amazing, colorful genre of music. I’ve heard that even political/social propaganda relied on kUthu as a venue to reach the rural areas. I’ve read that IR’s older brother Pavalar Varadharajan was a noted exponent of this genre, which perhaps proved the segue for his siblings to enter the world of music and entertainment.

When I started this themmAngu series to focus on the neglected aspects of our musical culture, kUththu katcheri music figured prominently in my mind. I had been searching for a song that encompassed all the great features of a classic kUthu: rapid fire dialogues, bursts of humor, mannered delivery, numerous changes not only in sandham, but even in genre, style, and pacing. I finally found it, friends. If you listen closely to the interludes, you can hear the entire pallavi of a hit song from a Rajini movie.

KVM deserves a holler, as kids put it these days, for this rich down home musical jambalaya. Feast on.

“sathiyavAn sAvithiri—kUththu” from Navarathiri
MD: K.V.Mahadevan
Singers: Sivaji, Savithiri,TMS, PS, S.C.Krishnan.

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