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Song of the Day # 678

From: bb on:  Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:05 pm

Song of the Day: adi neelach chElai from vasantha azhaippugaL.

Listen to the song

- Udhaya continues with his Malaysia Vasudevan songs in the themmangu series:

Song: adi neelach chElai
Movie: Vasantha AzhaippugaL
MD: T. Rajendar
Singers: Malaysia Vasudevan, S.Janaki

TR got some huge hits from MV in “Koodayila Karuvaadu” and “Pookkalai Parikkaathinga” (SG/TR collaboration right?). But this somewhat lesser known song is my favorite of the combo. It’s a shame they didn’t hook up more often, for they both have an affection for mad rhythm and tasty themmAngu. This is an unabashed themmAngu joy ride with surprises all over. You have a long pallavi and then short bursts of charanam (if you can call it that) quickly followed by a sudden parade of sounds. Thus goes the tune as if the composer is playing hide and seek with our expectations. The rhythmic slap you hear when MV halts at “ennammaa naanam” and continues with a naughty “idhu endha ooru mELam” the fun the composer and singer are having is palpable. SJ, full of teased giggles, provides a good complement to MV while making a mystery of some of the lyrics.

- vasantha azhaippugaL was one of the earliest films by TR (his second?). There was another PS song in the film, gangai ponguthu kaNgaLOram which had very good lyrics as I vaguely recall.

- Other MV songs in SOTD: http://www.dhool.com/search/sotdsearch.php?singer=Malaysia%20Vasudevan

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