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Song of the Day # 636

From: bb on: Thu Jun 09, 2005 12:16 am

Song of the Day: Mile Sur Mera Tumhara.

Listen to the song

- MS writes:

Indian television viewers cannot forget some of the memorable songs that were produced by Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad (LSSP). They used to come as fillers but were laden with such a melodic content that people did not want to put the television sets off or leave for a break. LSSP recognized many pioneering achievers in various fields and presented many integrated videos wherein these people emphasized the importance of nationalistic spirit that needs to be sustained. Be it Gavaskar holding the torch high and drenching in a drizzle, or Kamalhassan videographed as if paying undeterred attention to the vocal gimmicks of Balamurali Krishna, or a bubbly Kapildev runnning with his head held in national and sporting pride, or a stunning string orchestra paced beautifully with the icons running in slow motion or a even a layman sitting on the elephants to sing about kerala or day to day people getting off the Metro Railway in the Calcutta stations - the imagery they captured was vivid, spellbinding and pretty much completely representative of India. The curent world of Cable TV is a little too busy to stop and look at the beautiful work that Doordarshan (DD) had produced ( ofcoure, they produced many stupid programmes too). Hardly nationalistic themes come in as "fillers" due to the rampage of the private sector to advertise the products.

Some of the songs that LSSP produced include:

(1) Baje sargam - in the vibrant voice of bhimsen joshi and Kavita (I think)
(2) Mile sur mera tumhara - Mainly bhimsen, Lata and Balamurali
(3) Poorab se - Kavita - This was for educating children
(4) String orchestra - with all the people holding aloft the torch of freedom

After producing such beautiful pieces, LSSP has pretty much gone volatile. There is hardly any mention of this body or may be they are not as creative as they used to be. Today dhool brings to you one of those songs "mile sur mEra tumhara" to rekindle the beautiful memories that were part of late 80s and early nineties. This song is entirely set in raga sindhubhairavi - but various styles including hindustani (bhimsen joshi), Carnatic (Balamurali krishna) , Folk ( Assamese) and western (final grand ending) were creatively fused to give a wonderful song. Enjoy it.

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