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Song of the Day # 632

From: bb on:  Wed May 25, 2005 10:36 pm  

Song of the Day: kadilE mEghamaa from Laila(Telugu).

Listen to the song

- MS writes:

The song presented today in SOTD is from the telugu movie Laila. while surfing for some telugu songs as early as 1999, I found a web page by chakri which devoted itself mainly to the classics of telugu songs. It was a refreshingly well organized collection categorized by year, MD, singer etc and the good old real player was used to stream songs. In that web page I stumbled on a few gems like:

(1) rangulalo
(2) aavesha mantha
(3) sri gaNanatham bhajaamayaham
(4) merise megha malika
(5) ee divilo virisina paarijatamu
(6) kanne pilavani

and many more. But one song that just blew me away was today's SOTD which was an accidental discovery. I was browsing the songs by MSV in telugu to understand how he fared in telugu and this song came as a stunner. IMO, this is probably one of the toughest songs that SPB-MSV combo has come up with. It ranks right up with "ennakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL", "ilakkaNam maarudhO" and "thErOttam". I assimilated the details of the song the very first time I heard it. Chakri's site went down later and I tried hard to find the song on the net and other sources - but it simply eluded me. I had even written down the lyrics in a vain hope I could tell somebody by humming what song I am really looking for.

I rediscovered it recently, once again in chakri's web site - now rechristened as http://www.telugubiz.net . The first thing I did was to record this song on to my computer using goldwave and save it as an mp3 even if proved to be of slightly low quality. Thanks and apologies to Mr.Chakri for having "lifted" this song from his site and presenting here, but this is just too wonderful to miss out. The sangathis of SPB are simply out of the world. A true SPB fan would simply be frozen by sheer mastery of SPB over the rendition. The original link to the song is here:


The lyrics are as follows:

Film Title: Laila
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Suresh
Singer(s): S. P. Balasubramanyam
Lyrics: Dr. C. Narayana Reddy
Music: M. S. Viswanathan

o.ho ho ho o
aa hey hey ho ho ho
la la la la la la la aa
ha ha ha ha hahaaa
kadilE mEGhamaa
kadilE mEGhamaa kavitaa raagamaa
kaaLidaasa kamaneeya bhaavana gaandharva rasayOgamaa gaandharva rasayOgamaa
kadilE mEGhamaa kavitaa raagamaa
kaaLidaasa kamaneeya bhaavana gaandharva rasayOgamaa
gandharva rasayOgamaa

kadilE mEGhamaa||

naa gaganavaaNi egisipOni Srutulugaa naa navya geetaalalO naa navya geetaalalO
nee chelitavENi kulikipOni jatulugaa naa bhaava naaTyaalalO naa bhaava naaTyaalalO
aavirilO udayinchE jeevana madhukOSamaa
aavirilO udayinchE jeevana madhukOSamaa

kadilE mEGhamaa||

naa kanulalOna kalalavaana kurisinadi nee kannE paravaLLatO nee kannE paravaLLatO
naa manasulOna nirasaveeNa palikinadi nee neeli kaneeLLatO nee neeli kaneeLLatO
aNuvaNuvu ninadinchE anuraaga sankEtamaa
aNuvaNuvu ninadinchE anuraaga sankEtamaa

kadilE mEGhamaa||

Do not miss out on this song if u love SPB.

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