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Song of the Day # 622

From: bb on:  Sun May 01, 2005 10:34 pm

Song of the Day: idhu kaalakaalam from valamburi sangu.

Listen to the song

- Saravanan writes:

Malarndhum Malaraadhavai # 10:

‘idhu kaalakaalam’ from valamburi sangu.

Sung by P.Jayachandran, S.Janaki & Chorus. Lyrics by Kannadasan. Music by Gangai Amaran.

* * * *

Another hidden jewel from the GA casket. From the record I gathered that the album was released in 1980. valamburi sangu (Art creations) had some amazing songs by GA. ‘enna sugamO..mudhal..mudhal thodum sugam’ (Pulamaipithan) is a enticing KJY solo and was at one time a great favourite of Radio Ceylon. ‘sippikkuLLE muthu pOlE’ (GA) is a folksy feast by VJ. ‘kaathaada pOgiRa’ (Pulamaipithan) is a an archetypal MV solo.

The SOTD, of course, is the delightful pick of the lot. Bringing in a whiff of the salt air, the song tells the story of a seaside romance. The dancing waves provide the merry backdrop throughout the song, and GA comes up with a simple, instantly captivating tune. Perhaps fresh from rendering ‘chithira sevvanam sirikka kaNdEn’ for IR, Jayachandran stays on at the shore to do similar honours to GA. SJ, after the initial stifled giggle, joins JC late in the first charaNam, singing her lines with élan.

Cast your net, and haul this pearl ashore…

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