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Song of the Day # 576

From: bb on: Sun Feb 06, 2005 11:17 pm

Song of the Day: AgAya gangai from Dharmayutham.

Listen to the song

- Sung by Malaysia Vasudevan and S.Janaki. Music by Ilayaraja. Lyrics by M.G.Vallaban.

- Another one of IR's 70s classics. The start of the song is fantastic. SJ's humming and the buildup in the prelude sets the stage for a good song. Then comes Malaysia Vasudevan and his unique voice! I always thought that if it was yet another SPB sung number, the song would probably be forgotten by now. There are people who hate MV's singing in general and in this song in particular, but somehow, I think this song is embellished by his rendition.

- Dharmayutham had S.P.Shailaja shrieking in "ada pOyyaa pOyyaa ulagam perisu" and more of Malaysia Vasudevan in "oru thanga radhaththil". Dharmayutham was a R.C.Shakthi film starring Rajinikanth.

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