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Song of the Day # 517

From: bb (@ on: Wed Oct 13 01:46:08 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: sangeetham raagangaL illaamala from mOham 30 varusham.


- Saravanan writes:

Following ‘kaadhal viLaiyaada’ last week, I thought it would be a good idea to continue with some rare SPB duets from the 70s, each with a different singer, for the remaining Wednesdays of this month. This week, let us listen to SPB teaming up with VJ for the forgotten ‘sangeetham raagangaL illaamala’ from mOham 30 varusham. Lyrics by Kannadasan. Music by Vijayabhaskar.

mOham 30 varusham (1976/Swarnambika Productions) starred Kamalhasan, Sumitra, Fadafat Jayalakshmi, Vijayakumar, Sripriya, Major Sundararajan, Sukumari and Manorama. It was an adaptation of Manian’s hugely popular story by the same name, with Mahendran doing a commendable job with the screenplay. The film was directed by SP.Muthuraman.

Kasturi (Sumitra), a naïve girl from an orthodox family falls headlong into trouble when she weds the suave Ramesh (Kamal). Ramesh’s progressive thoughts and spirited ways fill Kasturi first with incomprehension, then alarm and finally despair. The problems that crop up between the two assume turbulent proportions and even lead to estrangement. The unfolding events with some dramatic turns usher in better mutual understanding and in the end all is well.

* * * *

It was Chitramahal Krishnamoorthi who brought back Vijayabhaskar to tfm to compose music for his kalyaaNamaam kalyaaNam. And VB, who had been forgotten after a few dubbed films in the 50s, was given a rousing welcome this time when his wondrous ‘iLamai naatiya saalai’ topped the charts. He bagged a handful of films immediately, and with the continued patronage of Chitramahal Krishnamoorthi and Panju Arunachalam, was able to quickly carve a comfortable niche for himself.

Vijayabhaskar came out with some magnificent albums in the mid-70s. The combination of SP. Muthuraman and Vijayabhaskar spelled success in that unforgettable season- the songs of engamma sabatham (1974), mayangugiRaaL oru maadhu (1975), yaarukku maappiLLai yaarO (1975), kaalangaLil avaL vasantham(1976), mOham 30 varusham (1976) and aadu puli aattam (1977) that came from this collaboration retain their original appeal to this day.

I think there were only 3 songs in mOham 30 varusham. The reflective ‘enadhu vaazhkkai paadhaiyil’, with its signature piano-driven arrangements, would find a place of pride in any compilation of KJY songs. I remember this song finding frequent airtime even in the 80s. ‘irubathu vayathenum iLamaiyil’ is a breezy PS solo with buoyant interludes that merge so well with the exuberant ambience of the sequence. And the dainty ‘sangeetham raagangaL illamala’ is the unfairly overlooked song in the album.

* * * *

Listen to this cuddlesome bedtime song that Vijayabhaskar conjures up, brought to vibrant life by his favorite singers. Kasturi apparently is in no mood to accede to Ramesh’s lusty overtures, and spurns his advances feigning to be sleepy. But very soon, her longings awaken, and so it is his turn now to act pricey! And, of course, in the third charaNam both make up with alacrity and redoubled passion. Oh, these are the intimate moments that fill marital life with so much delight!

VJ sets the mood for this charming bedside drama with her coquettish ‘hmm..summa irunga.. thookkam varudhu’ , and SPB, with characteristic nonchalance, brings into his rendition the ache of youthful needs. Kannadasan pulls in mythological illustrations to bolster the man’s arguments. And later when an amusedly vengeful SPB snaps at her with glee, VJ places her plea so gently and endearingly. Kannadasan’s lines here are eloquent, especially the woebegone ‘kootuRavu inbam kEttupeRum thunbam’ that expresses her wretchedness so fetchingly! Of course, such egoistic pretences are but ephemeral, and are soon vanquished by the irresistible draw of righteous love. And so the song ends, with the pent up desires finding blissful release…neendhi varum veLLam..shanthi peRum uLLam..

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