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Song of the Day # 499

From: bb (@ on: Wed Sep 8 00:41:43 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: konjum kiLiyaana from gooNduk kiLi.


- Sung by TMS. Composed by K.V.Mahadevan. Written by Vindhan.

- Manisegaran wrote in his series on KVM:

In 1954 Through Maruthakazi’s recommendation TMS was taken to sing in Aruna Pictures Thooku Thookki. He was taken to the Film Center Studio for recording. Sivaji Ganesan who used to be given playback by CSJayaraman doubted the suitability of the voice of TMS. TMS was willing to sing three songs free. TMS and Sivaji Ganesan were introduced to each other. In the short conversation TMS studied the voice of Sivaji Ganesan. (Right from the beginning TMS was excellent at imitating the voices of most of the heroes he sang for.) And he did sing Sundari Soundari and Eratha Malaithaniley, imitating the voice of Sivaji Ganesan to the closest possible. When G Ramanaathan heard his voice and gave TMS the chance to sing all the songs for Sivaji Ganesan. G.Ramanathan had already used TMS in Mandiri Kumari (Annamitta Veettile). That was how Sivaji got involved with TMS. All the songs were instant and great hits. The fame of TMS shot sky high overnight. There was already a talk that the voice of TMS suited Sivaji Ganesan very much.

While this development was going on, in the same 1954 TR Ramanna and TR Rajakumari started the RR films that produced some of the best movies in Tamil. As the film was under production stage, TMS was given a chance. TMS was invited to sing only chorus. But Tanjai Ramayah Dass was very impressed with the golden voice of TMS, and he requested the story and dialogue writer Vindhan (at that time known as Makkal Writer, and a close friend of Jayakanthan) to give TMS a chance to sing a full solo. By this time Sivaji Ganesan had known TMS as they had worked together in Thookku Thooki songs. Koondukkili is the first film where TMS had sung under KVM’s composition, with the song Konjum Kiliyana Pennai. It was actually G. Ramanathan who built up TMS by that great movie.

That was the first song by TMS for Sivaji Ganesan. Just to mention that in films following Thookku Thookki, Sivaji Ganesan was not adamant about using TMS as playback singer, until the early 1960s when he started to insist on TMS singing for him.

But as the song was recorded MGR heard it and wanted TMS to be his permanent singer. He was used in MGR’s next movie Malaikallan where TMS sang Ethanai Kaalamthaan Ematruvaar Intha Naattiley” written by Tanjai Ramaiyah Dass and composed by S.M. Subbiah Naidu. History has it that Koondukkili was the only film where MGR and Sivaji, the two Thilagams acted together. P.A. Periayanayaki sings a song called “Enakku Theriyaley Nejamaa Enakku Theriyialey.” There was also a Deepavali song by TMS and K. Rani that goes “Vaangga Ellorum”.

A song by Ratha Jayalechumy that became popular in this film is:

Paar En Maghaley Paar paar,
Paranthu Kidakkum Annai Boomi
Arinthunnai Azhaikkuthu Paar Paar

But in this film it was Konjum Kilyana Pennai that made TMS very famous. From then on the TMS-KVM combination started off. There is a situation in the film where Thangaraju (MGR) asks Jeeva (Sivaji Ganesan) to look after his wife when Thangaraju is forced to go to jail owing to circumstances. Jeeva goes for Thangaraju’s wife whom he had fallen in love earlier. Then Jeeva faces a severe conflict within himself as to whether his action was justified. The song is very well written to suit this conflict. Can anyone answer these questions that Jeeva asks?

Konjum Kiliyaana Pennai
Koondukkiliyaaki Vittu
Ketti Melam Kottuvathu Sariya Thappa?
Thinna Pazham Thanthuvittu
Thinnathey Enru Kaiyai Thattivittu
Thittuvathu Sariya Thappaa?

Theenthamizh Paattai Paadi
Ketkaathey Enru Kaathai
Pothivittu Kathuvathu Sariya Thappa ?

Kaathal Seitha Kutram Enathu
Kankal Seitha Kutramaanaal
Kannai Padaitha Kadavul Seikai Sariya Thappa?

Kalyanam Seitha Kutram
Enathu Nanbam Seitha Kutramaanaal
Katpai Padaitha Manithan Seikai Sariya Thappa?
Sariya Thappa? Sariya Thappa? Saria Thappa? Sariya Thappa?

Kaathal Pichai Vendi Kaiyai Enthi
Vasal Kathu Ninraal
Saathirangal Pesuvathu Sariya Thappa?
Anbu Konda Ullathodu
Kallamilla Kathal Kondaal
Aathirangondu Esuvathu Sariya Thappa?

Mannum Ponnum Maayai Enru
Makkalukku Solliviuttu
Pennai Paarthu Kannadithal Sariya Thappa?

Vinnulaga Asayinri
Virumbum Pennai Nesathodu
Kanniyamaai Kaathalithal Sariya Thappa?
Matroruvan Vaazhvukkaka
Manamarintha Pennai Vittu
Manamudainthu Sutruvathu Sariya Thappa?

Marumalarchi Vendum Vaazhvil
Marakkamaaten Unnai Enru
Malarkkarathai Patruvathu Sariya Thappa?
Sariya Thappa? Sariya Thappa?

- Poet Vindhan remembered: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/17520.11.50.05.html

- Manisegaran on K.V.Mahadevan: http://www.tfmpage.com/my/mani/kvm.html

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