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Song of the Day # 491

From: bb (@ on: Thu Aug 19 22:59:25 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: chinna mamiyE


- A different song for this weekend. Thanks to Kitkat for this song.

- Kitkat writes:

Radio Ceylon has been the reason for a lot of us to become TFM fans. Especially in the 70s and early 80's a lot good songs were introduced to us thru Radio Ceylon. A lot of personalities who otherwise would have gone unnoticed came to our attention through Radio Ceylon. e.g. K.S.Raja, Abdul hameed and so on. One such introduction to us was today's SOTD.

The song was "Chinna Maamiyae". The song had a uniform tune in all the paragraphs but still was able to get you dancing. Many A lot of versions of this song (like pattu mamiyae) were heard as days went by,especially with the female lead changing now and then. However the male voice was that of A.E Manoharan. Also known as Ceylon Manohar, this and many of the songs he sang were very popular. The Genre' "Baila" came into existance after this song. Announced in Radio Ceylon as Pop Isai Padalgal (with POP spelt the typical ceylonese way) Baila's came to stay... at least in our heart. Surangani was another famous Baila brought into TFM by Ilayaraja in Avar Enakkae Sondham. A.E. Manoharan sang that song too. He also sang songs like "Coattu Poatta Mudhalalikku Columbula dhaan kalyanam" in Pilot Premnath, and of late "Pathala Pathala" in Virumbugiren. Ceylon Manohar also acted in quite a few tamil movies. He starred lately in Jay Jay albiet without his trademark "Saibaba style" hairdo.

NewsToday had an article about A. E.Manoharan a year or so ago.

Staging a comeback
-News Today

Hailing from Ceylon, this man is much admired by Tamils all over the world for his hit song Surangani. A connoisseur of music, Manohar aka Ceylon Manohar, who has acted in over 150 films, is all set to make his re-entry into Tamil filmdom playing a negative role in director Charan's forthcoming Diwali release JJ starring Madhavan.

Manohar made his debut in Tamil movie Pasa Nilain 1963, which was the first movie to be made in Sri Lanka. 'Thanks to V C Guganathan, I made a mark for myself in the movie Mangudi Minor. It was followed by over hundreds of movies in which I played negative characters'.

Manohar stopped acting in 1988 and took up a job in London Tamil Osai Radio Channel. After almost a decade, he returned to Sri Lanka where Thangarbachchan saw him and assigned a role in his movie. 'However, thanks to my friends I had the fortune of meeting Charan in Chennai, I went to ask for a small role in his movie JJ, but thanks to his belief in me, I obtained an important character.'

On his experiences working in JJ, Manohar says, 'it was a dream come true experience for me to act in JJ. I did what my director wanted me do. I sacrificed my beard for the role. I have done my job and it is up to the audience to give a verdict on it'. Manohar is currently busy acting in Thangar Bachchan's Thendral, director Leo's Thudippu and few other movies.

You can listen to a lot of his other songs here.

and here

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