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Song of the Day # 452

From: bb (@ on: Thu Jun 3 02:35:40 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: ponmagaL vandhaaL from sorgam.


- Sung by T.M.S. Music by M.S.Viswanathan. Lyrics by Alangudi Somu.

- Sriram Lakshman writes:

ponmagaL vanthAL....certainly Alangudi Somu (the lyricist as we discovered to our surprise) wouldn't have imagined the scantily clad, well endowed in the flesh, Vijayanirmala to partake in Sivaji's dreams of affluence. Now, shutting the 'at times gory' visuals out and switching to the 'radio mode', the song is a marvel. The lyrics portraying an expansive mood, the tune gaining in pace and expressed through TMS' imperial vocals, the song seems to start and end all at the same time!!! Two interludes and two charanams have zipped past timelessly, such is the flow conceived by the composer MSV. Sadly, in this version, much of the prelude has been chopped off as is the case with the second interlude and the postlude. The postlude in non-existant in this Vividh Bharathi version, which as we all 'vivid'ly remember truncated songs to accommodate ads. The novelty here is the unexpected introduction of Mridangam in the charanams, add to it the violin counters and the tune racing to a grand finish... unfortunately nipped off in this version. The female chorus backup the last time the pallavi is delivered, renders a sense of finality to the song and finishes off in a crescendo, a high, aptly conceived. The song is based on Hindustani Kapi (close to Karaharapriya).

Sivaji, as I was told rejected the tune outright stating that it sounded like the chanting of Thirupugazh. It took a lot of cajoling on the part of the director and the composer to the get the song past Sivaji and are we glad !!! Enjoy the song that was sneaked past our dear, dear simmakkuralOn.

- More on Alangudi Somu here: http://www.dhool.com/sotd2/369.html and http://www.tfmpage.com/my/lyricist/aalan.html

- Listening to the song today, I somehow felt the song was slower than the last time I heard it. Can someone confirm that it is not a problem with the file?

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