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Song of the Day # 451

From: bb (@ on: Wed Jun 2 03:21:39 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: kOdi inbam, marudha manjakkizhangE from nenjilaadum poo ondRu.

- Saravanan writes:

‘Ah, happy, happy boughs, that cannot shed
your leaves, nor ever bid the Spring adieu;
And, happy melodist, unwearied,
For ever piping songs forever new’

The Maestro celebrates his birthday today, and let us offer our salutations to him, and our wishes for many more happy years filled with the magic of music.

And let us rejoice with two songs from nenjilaadum poo ondRu:

1. ‘kOdi inbam mEniyengum’ by SPB & SJ


2. ‘marudha manjakkizhangE’ by SPB & VJ


Lyrics by Vaali. Music by Ilayaraja.

Selva Vinayaga Films’ Nenjilaadum Poo Ondru is yet another film that sleeps undisturbed in the cans, never destined to reach the silver screen. The film’s album, thankfully, was released- the record cover proclaims the year of its manufacture as 1979. And displays Saratbabu in an intimate embrace with some unfamiliar actress.

‘Thankfully’ I said, because the elusive album cunningly secrets within its seldom explored confines, some bewitching compositions of IR- compositions that surely warranted a happier destiny, grander commercial and critical acclaim.

‘kOdi inbam mEniyengum’ is a magnificent masterpiece in Malayamarutham. SJ’s cuddlesome humming that establishes the enchanted mood for a joyous revelry of romance, and the fantasy-laden pallavi that opens up such spectacular vistas of an unabashed celebration of love, SPB who makes an unheralded welcome entry as the delirious man’s voice, to engulf his beloved Preethi with his amorous edicts, the violin that showers bushels of fragrant flowers upon the lovers, the lilting charanams that are interwoven seamlessly into the magic--surely dreams are made of such precious stuff--Million pleasures indeed!

‘marudha manjakkizhangE’ offers an equally tempting, but a contrasting folksy fare--VJ’s seductive invitation is irresistible, and a mesmerizing flute escorts us right into the midst of a torpid evening in a rustic milieu, where the slanting rays of the setting sun fall upon a pair of lovers rapturously capering across the carpet of greenery. The bashfully uttered lines of the pallavi, SPB’s honeyed humming that follows, the interludes that blend in so masterfully with the rural ambience, the meandering charanams that flow so alluringly into the pallavi—all come together to ensure a delightfully refreshing treatment for the hackneyed plot of the man’s lusty advances being checked by the virtuous woman imposing a restraint on proceeding further until the sanctification of the union by wedlock.

‘vaanam engE mEgam engE, oru mEdai koNdu vaa’ is the third duet from the film, and an unforgettable song it is by JC & SJ---SJ soaring over the chorus voices in the prelude, and JC commencing the high-pitched charanam with ‘viN meengaL thalatta’ are glorious moments in this sadly forgotten song.

‘oru moodan kadhai sonnaal en kadhai adhuthaan’, the fourth song in the album captures MV in a rare ruminative mood, and his earthy tones bring in a hue of wry resignation to a love which is destined to go unrequited.

So let the timeless magic of vintage IR entrance us with these two rare numbers-

‘Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on--’

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