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Song of the Day # 440

From: bb (@ on: Wed May 12 01:20:35 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: aadal paadal from veetukku veedu vaasappadi.


- Saravanan writes:

‘aadal paadal kaadhal enbadhu appOdhu’ from veetukku veedu vaasappadi. Sung by S.Janaki. Music by Rajan-Nagendra. Lyrics by Kannadasan.

Director P.Madhavan was so impressed by Navatha Krishnam Raju’s Telugu hit ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ (1978/ Navatha Arts) that he ventured to remake it in tamil. Arun Prasad Movies’ Veetukku Veedu Vaasappadi-1979 starred Vijayakumar, Rathi, Suman, Shobha, Surulirajan & Manorama in the roles played by Chandramohan, Jayasudha, Ranganath, Prabha, Nutan Prasad & Ramaprabha in the Telugu original. Madhavan also retained Rajan-Nagendra as the MDs, for the songs they had composed for the Telugu original had become immensely popular.

A simple tale told in a heartwarming manner, bolstered by some home truths brought home laced with a liberal dose of comedy, ensured a modest success for Veetukku Veedu Vaasappdi too. Vijayakumar, a doctor, falls in love with the rich Rathi, and they get married. Suman and Shobha are the other pair that gets married after falling in love. While Suman and Shobha who enjoyed many a quarrel in their days of courtship, develop perfect understanding after marriage; ego tussles wreak havoc in the Vijayakumar –Rathi marital life. When things come to a head, Vijayakumar and Rathi start living apart. How Suman & Shobha, aided enthusiastically by Surulirajan and Manorama, ingeniously bring about a rapprochement between the estranged pair fills the rest of the reels.

* * * *

Rajan & Nagendra were brothers and were prolific composers in Kannada films. Rajan (born 1933) and Nagendrappa (1935- 2000) were born into a musically rich family. Even as children they astounded many trained musicians with their prodigious mastery- Nagendra would create magic on the Jalatharangam, while Rajan’s adroit playing of the violin was legendary. Nagendra made his debut as a singer in B.Vittalacharya’s Srinivasa Kalyana in 1951, and soon the brothers jointly composed music for their first film Sowbhagyalakshmi, followed by Chanchalakumari. From 1952 to 1992, they have adorned over 375 films in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Singhalese with their scintillating songs. Nagendra was a talented singer too, though he did not adequately exploit his singing prowess. Their masterpieces in Kannada include Mutthaide Bhagya, Kulla Agent 000 (in which they roped in none other than Kishore Kumar to render the unforgettable ‘Aadu aatta aadu’) Gaalimaatu, Benkiya Bale, Nyayave Devaru,Chandanada Gombe, Naa Ninna Mareyalaare, Naa Ninna Bidalaare, Giri Kanye ,Bayalu Daari, Paavana Ganga etc; and in Telugu, they are remembered for their songs in films like Pooja, Pantulamma, Raja Rani Jakee, Puli Bebbuli, Maa Intiyina Katha and Vayyari Bhamalu Vagalamari Bharthulu . They have won several awards, including the Karnataka State Award for their work in Eradu Kanasu and Parasangada Gendethimma.

Tfm didn’t deign to encourage their timid overtures, though. Ellorum Vaazha Vendum (1962/ ESRS Pictures), the title may have proclaimed righteously, but Rajan-Nagendra’s songs (save the lone ‘aarambamE inikkum’ by CSJ) found no takers. The indefatigable B.Vittalacharya kept reminding us of the duo, as his many fairy-tale ventures dubbed into Tamil came with R-N’s music- Veeradhi Veeran, Madurai Mannan, Mandhirikumaran, to name a few. Radio Ceylon enthusiastically popularized these songs too—even as late as 1983, I have listened to with wonder ‘Sendu malli maalaiyo singara cholaiyo’ (TMS from Mandhirikumaran)

After a long hiatus, tfm greeted R-N with a greater kindness when Singeetam Srinivasa Rao’s super hit Telugu film Sommokadidhi Sookokadidhi (stg. Kamal, Jayasudha & Rojaramani) was dubbed into Tamil as Iru Nilavugal (1978/ Sri
Balasubramaniam Films). R-N’s songs like ‘thoda varavO thondharavO’ (SPB/SJ), ‘aanandam adhu ennadaa’ (SPB), ‘anbuLLa kaNNanO aNaithaaLa vandhadhO unnai’ (SPB/PS) and ‘ammaadi kaNNai paaru’(SPB/SJ) found themselves repeatedly featured even in the prudish Vividh Bharathi!

Veetukku Veedu Vaasappadi followed in the next year. The enchanting SOTD, the longish VVV by SPB & PS (wherein SPB showed his abundant versatility by alternating between his normal voice for Suman and an appropriately altered tone for Surulirajan), the tantalizingly teasing ‘thOgai kaiyil rEgai suththam’ (SPB & SJ) and the riotous kathakaalatchebam propagating the evils of drink ‘patta kashtam’(where SJ has a blast singing for Manorama) found instant popularity. Strangely, R-N never got to compose for another Tamil film ever. However their compositions found their way into tfm time and again, when other composers sought inspiration from them. For instance S-G deemed it wise to retain R-N’s tunes for the Tamil remake (Auto Raja-1982) of the original Kannada Auto Raja. ‘malarE ennenna kOvam’ was a faithful copy of ‘naliva gulabi hoove’( both by SPB) and ‘Kanni vaNNam rOjappoo’ (SPB/VJ) was a direct lift from ‘nanna aase hannagi’ (SPB/SJ)

* * * *

This song featured Suman and Shobha. Though they keep constantly bickering, realization suddenly dawns upon them that they are falling in love with each other. Suman then dreams of them both prancing around trees and romancing in the typical filmi fashion---he gets carried away with his reverie. And as the song ends, we see him attempting an intimate waltz with a highly irate charwoman---he is rudely brought back to reality when that worthy lady soundly thrashes him her broomstick, all the time mouthing some of Madras’s choicest expletives!

This tune was originally composed by R-N as ‘jeeve veene needu’ (SPB/SJ) in the Kannada film Hombisulu (1978/ Nirupama Movies). It boasts of the signature R-N chords, riveting prelude, dreamily flowing interludes that hand over the beginning of the charanams on a silver salver to the singers ---sheer melody

Listen here: http://www.udbhava.com/udbhava/songs.jsp?id=65

R-N must have liked the tune a lot (who wouldn’t!), for they took it to Telugu as ‘veena venu vaina’ (SPB/ SJ again!) in Intinti Ramayanam.

Listen here: http://www.andhravilas.com/moviedetail.asp?fid=%7C63%7C244%7C244

aadal paadal kaadhal doesn’t have SPB, but it has the remarkable SJ winning our hearts with her dulcet voice, dainty embellishments and delightful expressions--

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