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Song of the Day # 415

From: bb (@ on: Fri Apr 2 03:36:59 EST 2004

Song of the Day: maargazhip paniyil from muththaana muththallavO.


- Another gem from SPB and MSV for the weekend. Previous SPB/MSV songs in SOTD are put together in this collection: http://www.dhool.com/sotd2/catlist.php?catid=9

- One cannot but fall in love with SPB's rendition of this song. His laid-back manner makes it seem so effortless. Even before the pallavi ends, SPB has given a few enchanting variations of "maargazhip paniyil, mayangiya iravil, oorvasi vandhaaL, enaith thEdi". SPB continues to add surprises in the pallavi, like after the first charanam, where he adds a little bit of yodeling. The second charanam is my favorite, especially the way it starts "maan oru kaNNil". To crown it all, the way he whispers "isaip paadi" at the end of the song catches me breathless every time.

- More on the movie here: http://www.dhool.com/sotd2/373.html . "enakkoru kaadhali irukkinRaaL" from the same film was featured as SOTD earlier.

- This is one of the few songs sung by Jai Ganesh on the screen. More on Jai Ganesh here: http://tfmpage.com/forum/10599.12.23.43.html

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