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Song of the Day # 363

From: bb (@ on: Mon Jan 12 01:10:42 EST 2004

Song of the Day: punnagai mannan poovizhik kaNNan from iru kOdugaL.


- Subbu writes:

Among film directors, there are/were quite a few who involve in depth and get associated very closely with the music squad. May be APN, Bheemsingh, Sridhar, MGR (as Hero & Director) etc in the yester year leads and Shankar, Bala of the current stream. The list will be incomplete, I believe, if I fail to spot K Balachandar.

KB, believed in powerful story lines, though there were a few exceptions. In addition, he took the song sequences as his next 'aayudham' to make the story be in motion. While watching KB movies in theatres, smokers will be at 'risk' to take a break for a puff. Otherwise, they have to disturb the neighbor to know 'enna aachu' :-)

Iru KodugaL, released in 1969, was an emotional drama among the lead trio (hero and 2 heroines). In those days, if am not wrong, one can guess easily at lease a few artists of KB's films. Gemini, Nagesh, Sowcar, VS Raghavan, Manorama, etc... were the high-status artists of KB's gurukulam. In Iru kodugal, the first four + Jayanthi gave a collective hats-off performance.

One more aspect in KB's films. The lead lady, mostly, will be a character with conviction, assertiveness and all those skills required for a smart manager. Many examples can be quoted. IK had Sowcar Janaki, a versatile actress, portrayed the role of a collector. A splendid show by Sowcar with a contrast characterization of Jayanthi. They were named as Janaki and Jaya in the film too.

Many of us would know the story. Gemini who married Sowcar, compelled to marry Jayanthi later due to circumstances. After became aloof, Sowcar rose up in life to Collector. She gets transferred to the same district collector office as No-1 person, where Gemini is employed as a clerk. Then the KB's emotional drama starts. Though it was true that GG and SJ were couple, it was not known to the outside world. Gemini gets disturbed, feels very low of him and shows that impact at home. On hearing many rumors, Jayanthi strongly suspects Gemini. There are situations, wherein Sowcar and Jayanthi meet with each other with lots of feeling buried beneath heart. One such occasion was Navarathri. Jayanthi goes to Sowcar's house with a burning heart of suspicion, angry, insecurity etc etc. As expected, she is asked to render a song. Yes it is the SOTD, penned by Kavignar Vaali and composed by V.Kumar (KB's aasthaana MD of those days).

May I say that this song depicts a 'para parappaana' cricket match? Such a powerful delivery by Jamuna Raani (for Jayanthi) and reliable defensive batting by P.Susheela (for Sowcar). Jayanthi is very much disturbed and bursts out with her insecurity feeling in the form of googly keLvi kanaigal. JR was at her best for each sharp delivery. One would wonder, whether she is singing or acting :-) At the batting/receiving end, Sowcar should never loose her temper but to counter and defend her with clean sweeps and neat cover drives. Her answers should be matured and very effective without hurting the opponent. P.Susheela shouldered the heavy challenge and echoed that maturity in her voice. What a powerful match! Who won the battle? VeLLi thirai stadiathil kaanga :-)

Here you go for it song....Ticket is cost-free 'bb' ubhayam :-)

Tail-piece: In Kannada, IK was re-made as "Eradu rekha". Saritha (Sowcar) and Geetha (Jayanthi) were the lead ladies. MD was MSV. The Navarathri song was sung by PS and VJ. May be KB wanted a change; PS sang for Geetha and VJ for Saritha, which was of totally different by enjoyable tune :-)

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