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Song of the Day # 362

From: bb (@ on: Fri Jan 9 02:45:50 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: germaniyin senthEn malarE from ullaasap paravaigaL.


- Music by Ilayaraja. Sung by SPB and S.Janaki. I see that several people have mentioned this song as their song of the century or best song ever. This film starred Kamalhaasan, Rathi, Suruli as Kamal's friend, and Deepa in a flashback (bending over to fill water from the river as usual :) ). Kamal falls in love with a village belle, Deepa. Controversies arise and Kamal is forced to watch helplessly as Deepa is killed as her house is burnt down. Kamal becomes a mentally ill patient after that. He is brought over to Europe with Suruli and Rathi helps him get over his mental illness. This song was picturized in Europe, I think. Kamal with an extravagant hairdo and a good-looking Rathi. Suruli's over the top performance in this film really brought down the film.

- For me, the song stands out for its prelude and awesome interludes. The song is a bit long for just a two charanam song, but the interludes are rich and entertaining. The only downside to this song is SPB and SJ singing "paaba papapappaa" at the end of the song for a long time :)

- Notes for the song: http://www.tfmpage.com/notes/ir/ger_up.txt

- SPB and S.Janaki: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/13889.11.04.32.html

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