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Song of the Day # 360

From: bb (@ on: Wed Jan 7 01:43:39 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: jambulingamE jadaadharaa from kaasE thaan kadavuLadaa.


- Saravanan writes:

‘JambulingamE jadAdharA’ from kAsEdhAn kadavuladA. A laugh riot by Kovai Soundararajan, K Veeramani & Dharapuram Sundararajan. Lyrics by Vaali. Music by MSV.

AVM Productions’ Kaasethaan Kadavulada- 1972 was the brainchild of Chitralaya Gopu, and starred Muthuraman, Srikanth, Thengai Srinivasan, Lakshmi, Manorama and others.

All the songs of this side-splitting comedy became hugely popular in the 70s. Besides the SOTD, the other songs were:

Mella pesungal pirar ketkkakoodathu- Kovai Soundararajan & LRE.
Indru vandha indha mayakkam - PS
Aval enna ninaithaal adikkadi sirithaal- PS
Aandavan thodangi aandigal varaiyil- MSV, K Veeramani & ALR.

Kaasethaan Kadavulada came at a time when the ‘Hare Rama Hare Krsna’ movement and the music associated with it had caught the fancy of the Indian youth. MSV, in this uproarious rampage, brings in the guitar and drums to usher in an air of delicious irreverence and Vaali goes berserk with the lyrics. The hilariously unsuitable lines, and similar sounding saner lines that are hurriedly sung to make good the damage- all sparkle with apposite wit. In between, Vaali also springs up the names of two great MDs of the time, making them sound like impassioned cries to the Almighty!

* * * *

Though all the 3 singers of this song are no longer amidst us, this one song has warranted the indelible inscription of their names in the fastidious annals of tfm

Born in 1945, Kovai Soundararajan’s real name was Chinnasami Srinivasan. When Aringnar Anna heard him sing in a programme in Coimabatore, he renamed him as Kovai Soundararajan, as his voice bore a striking similarity to the voice of TMS. KS struggled for opportunities, as while TMS himself was still going strong, there were very few takers for a TMS clone. However MSV, Vijayabhaskar and S-G gave him some memorable songs, and KS made the most of them. Songs like ‘Engaladhu bhoomi kaakka vandha sami’ (Neethi), ‘Jambulingamae jadaathara’ & ‘Mella pesungal’ (Kaasethaan Kadavulada), ‘Indha naal nalla naal" (asirvaatham), ‘Aanjaneya Anumanthayya’ (Kaasi Yaathirai), ‘Sonpappdi sonappapdi’ (En Magan), ‘Punnaimaram onnu thennai maram onnu’ (Muththana Muththallavo), ‘Kannankarutha kuyil nirathavalae’ (Dr.Siva), ‘Manjal poosi manjam konda’ & ‘Appappa thambi’ (Ungal Viruppam), ensure him a place, humble though it may be, in the galaxy of Tamil singers. KS passed away on 27th August 2003.

There are 3 different persons with the same name K.Veeramani whom we are familiar with. However, since we have no business whatsoever with either the Dravidian leader or the Ayodhyakuppam dada, lets train our flash light on ‘Kalaimani’ Krishnakunjaram Veeramani. Born in 1936, KV traced his lineage to great musicians like the acclaimed Kavi Kunjara Bharathi and the revered Koteeswara Aiyar. He trained under GS Mani, and has sung his way into the hearts of thousands of Tamils through his devotional albums. ‘Pallikattu Sabaraimalaikku’ has become a mandatory anthem for all the faithful who observe the 40 days penance and embark on their pilgrimage to worship the Lord who sits atop the 18 steps. KV’s forays into tfm were few- ‘India naadu en veedu’ (Bharatha Vilas), ‘Velai vandhu koopittathum’ (School Master), Ezhu malai vaasa (Tiger Thathachari), ‘Alli Arjuna’ drama (Rajapart Rangadurai), ‘Oradi kadavutkkakka’ & ‘Mannil nalla vannam vaazhalaam’ (Lalitha), ‘Manithargale O manithargale’ (Melmaruvathoor Aadhiparasaksthi) are his songs that come to mind.

Dharapuram Sundararajan was another talented artiste whom fortune didn’t deign to favour. He studied music in Annamalai University, and later sang regularly in Trichy AIR. With the recommendation of Nagesh (who also hailed from Dharapuram), DS knocked at the door of many a MD, and finally got a break in Kannithaai. (‘Vaazha vidu’,with Manorama). DS lingers on in the few songs that came his way over the years, the most memorable of them being ‘Enakkaga vaa naan unakkaga vaa’ (Selvam), ‘Azhagu ratham porakkum’ (Karpooram), ‘Thai maadha megam’ (Kuzhandhaikkaga) and ‘Aiyanaaru neranja vaazhvu kodukkanum’ (Kaaval Deivam). He also composed music for Hello Partner-1972, Neechal Kulam- 1979 and Ottu Maangani (probably unreleased). He served in the faculty of the Govt. Music College, Chennai and also in Annamalai University. He passed away on 28th February 1999.

* * * *

‘Neenga nadicha mudhal padam edhu, Sir?’ queried H.Ramakrishnan, when he interviewed Thengai Srinivasan. (DD’s Malarum Ninaivugal, late 70s)

Whatever he expected in response, it was certainly not what Thengai did- with a look of acute distress on his face, Thengai raised his little finger!

Taken aback, HR remonstrated ‘Enna Sir, ippo thaan interview aarambichirukkom, adhukullayevaa?’

Retorted a pokerfaced Thengai- ‘Naan nadicha mudhal padathoda peyar ‘Oru Viral’ nu solla vandhen Sir!’

The very thought of Thengai Srinivasan brings an involuntary smile to one’s lips. He had a fantastic flair for making even the most mundane utterances sound inexplicably hilarious, and stands tall as among the greatest comedians in the history of Tamil Cinema. With Nagesh entangling himself in a messy legal situation in the early 70s, Thengai shot into prominence, and held the giggling viewers helplessly glued to their seats even in the many nondescript films that the decade churned out by the dozen. Even in the beginning of the 80s, he stole the show in films like Thillu Mullu. However with Gowndamani and Senthil making steady headway in the mid-80s, Thengai found himself slowly being sidelined. As a last desparate measure, in 1987, he produced Krishnan Vandhaan (stg. Sivaji Ganesan, KR Vijaya, Mohan, Rekha). The film came a cropper, and Thengai burnt his fingers very badly. He never recovered from this debacle, and passed away in 1988.

‘Kaasethaan Kadavulada’ was Thengai’s show all the way, and as the innocent Tea kadai Appasami, he performed one of the finest comic capers that Tamil Cinema had ever witnessed.

To add to the fun, I got some dialogues recorded just before the song commences. Sit back and laugh on —and lets hope this laughter continues unabated throughout this year! Cheers!

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