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Song of the Day # 327

From: bb (@ on: Tue Nov 4 01:34:15 EDT 2003

Song of the Day: thuyilaadha peNNondru kaNdEn from meeNda sorgam.


- A classic, sung by A.M.Raja and P.Suseela. Music by T.Chalapathy Rao. *ing Gemini Ganesan and Padmini.

- Lyrics here: http://www.tfmpage.com/tfsa/english/songs/meensorg.htm#ThuyilaadhaPen . Written by Kannadasan.

- Kanchana writes on the movie:

The main characters are Shekar (Gemini Ganesan), Nirmala (Padmini) and Kumarayya (S.V.Sahasranamam). Shekar takes an interest in the welfare of recently orphaned Nirmala, and introduces her to Bharata Natyam guru Kumarayya. She learns & excels in Bharata Natyam, but also falls in love with Shekar who thinks she should devote herself to the dance exclusively. He gets married to someone else, he is unhappy, the wife is unhappy and Nirmala is also unhappy. Finally, the wife commits suicide, and Shekar & Nirmala get together.

This is a movie which belongs to my parents' generation(50's) and I've heard them say great things about it. But when I watched it a few years back for the first time, I thought it was too slow and contrived. Also, Sridhar is not consistent: at one point Shekar says he is attracted to Nirmala but her talent should belong to the whole world and not just to him; at another point, Shekar says he is only in love with her talent and not her. ???!! And, somehow, the wife is painted in a bad light as an arrogant lady because she challenges her husband re his feelings for Nirmala. ??!! Anyhow, five out of the seven songs are great with good picturization.

aadum aruL jyothi
MLV/Seerkaazhi. Sung for S.V.Sahasranamam and the nattuvaangam lady, for a formal Bharata Natyam recital by Padmini. One of my favorite MLV movie songs.

thuyilaadha peNN ondru kaNdaen
AMR/PS. Sung for Gemini & Padmini, this is a dream by Nirmala.

kalaiyae en vaazhkayin dhisai maatrinaai
AMR/PS humming. Sung for Gemini. Shekar takes a casual walk around the gardens and Nirmala dances along with him.

kalaiyae en vaazhkayin (pathos)
PS. Sung for Padmini. Nirmala dances based on Kumarayya's request, to make a very ill Shekar feel better. Both Nirmala & Shekar recall the happier days when this song was sung.

mana naattiya maedayil aadinaen
PS/few lines by AMR. Sung for Padmini & Gemini. The extremely depressed Nirmala & Shekar ask themselves which direction their respective lives are headed.

- Greatness of AMRajah: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/1150.21660.22.25.26.html

- T.Chalapathi Rao--a retrospective: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/24653.21.02.17.html

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