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Song of the Day # 317

From: bb (@ on: Mon Oct 20 00:47:15 EDT 2003

Song of the Day: thendralukku endrum vayathu from payaNam.


- Sung by SPB, music by MSV in this in 1976 film. One of the few qawwali style songs in TFM.

- Another notable song in the film is "aarambak kaalam oru pakkath thaaLam", sung by KJY and VJ.

- Udhaya writes:
thendRalukku endRum vayathu from PayaNam is another MSV/SPB/KD delight (at least I think it's KD, although the style suggest Pulamaippiththan). While the future will fit the sandham in a straitjacket of steady meter to accomodate fancy interludes or inane preludes, this song reminds us of the loose musical canvas where the singer could flaunt his dexterity, where the words weren't shy of being polysyllabic or audible.

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