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Song of the Day # 300

From: bb (@ on: Thu Sep 18 00:17:25 EDT 2003

Song of the Day # 300: chinna chinna aasai from Roja.

300 not out and going strong! Thanks to everyone for this effort.

The song that started it all for Rahman. It was Pongal '92, we were still singing Thalapathi and Guna's tunes (both films were released deepavaLi time the previous year). After the routine programmes, it was 'pudhup paadal' time in the TV. A few magazines had hyped up Madhubala's water-soaked song, so I was eager to check it out. The song started and there was a hush in the room. After the song finished, I didn't remember much of Madhubala, or the lyrics or Vairamuthu, but kept humming the song over and over again. Here was a new sound, something that clicked immediately. ARR had arrived. That evening, my neighborhood kids and I went to Abhiraami, bought tickets at outrageous prices and caught the movie, first day.

Looking back, I think the time was ripe for a change. I had expected Aadithyan to herald the next wave, but that never happened. ARR has gone on from strength to strength, coming back often after people wrote him off. The song Chinna chinna aasai continues to linger in our memory, fresh and relevant. People have called it a nursery rhyme, rehash of veedu varai uravu and so on. But, its magic stays, at least in my heart.

- Sung by Minmini.

- This was the first song in the lyrics competition thread, where we wrote alternate lyrics to TFM songs. I too wrote a versionhttp://www.tfmpage.com/forum/13630.5517.16.38.22.html

- Notes and lyrics for the song: http://www.tfmpage.com/notes/arr/chi_ro.txt . Vairamuthu won his 3rd national award for this song.

- This was a song where ARR composed the tune to pre-written lyrics of Vairamuthu.

- Songs with the same ending "Osai" in all lines: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/12021.00%3A11%3A33.html

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