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Song of the Day # 255

From: bb (@ on: Thu Jul 10 00:38:26 EDT 2003

Song of the Day: kaatru veLiyidai kaNNamma from kappalOttiya thamizhan.


- A classic song by G.Ramanathan based on the Bharathiyaar song. Sung by PBS and PS.

- The complete lyrics in our Pazhaiya Paadal Pakkam: http://www.tfmpage.com/ppp/kaatru_veliyidai.html

- A great thread called Mayakkum Kaadhal GeethangaL : http://tfmpage.com/forum/5634.14662.10:18:11.html that has a good deal of discussion on this song.

- Kanchana translated this song in the above thread:

With every breath I draw, oh Kannamma
I think of thy love and derive pleasure.
Thine lips like founts of ambrosia
Thine eyes steeped in and brimming with moonlight
Thine body like pure unblemished gold.
For all our lifetime on this earth
Thou art my sweet life/ soul, oh Kannamma
Thou art my sweet life/ soul,
I shall worship/cherish thee all the time.
All sadness and tribulations gone
When I think of thee.
Sweet nectar springs in my lips
While uttering the name Kannamma
While uttering the name Kannamma
Sweet nectar springs in my lips.
Thou art the eternal flame that grows from the fire of life
Thou art my mind, thou art my will.

Bhaskar's reply to this translation:
Yennaga Kanchana Bharadhiyar padalukku artham sollungal yendral, adhai Shakespear paadalaga mattri vittergal. Naan ippozhudhu english dictionary thedi pidikka alaindhu kondu irukkiren :)))


- Arularasan continues:

Remember the kAdhalin dhIpam onRu song? Think of a similar situation,
where bhArathiyAr is in the middle of a large plain field wandering
around and thinking about his wife (chellammA - on whom he probably
wrote all these sensous kaNNammA songs) who has gone home (piRandha
vIdu). There
comes this beautiful poem kAtRu veLi yidai kaNNammA. (My personal
opinion - please do not listen to the kappalOttiyath thamizhan
song. it's the ultimate disgrace to this wonderful song. mind you
i am talking about the music.)

kAtru veLiyidai kaNNammA (kAtRu nandRAga vIsum inthe veLi yidai - ground-il,
Oh kaNNama)
nindhan kAdhalai yeNNik kaLikkindREn (I am deriving pleasure thinking
about you. kaLiuppu comes from the word kaL. hence kaLikkuppu means "high".)
amudhUtRinai ... nin mEniyum (you and kAnchanA have
explained it well. These lines as you can easily identify are just
indha vaiyaththil yAmuLLa mattilum - yenai
vEtRu ninaivindRith thEtRiyE - ingor
viNNavanAgap puriyumE

Here viNNavan, i think, refers to indhiran, the king of gods. (he is a
nymphomaniac. but that's besides the point!!!) The lines, therefore, mean

O, kaNNammA. as long as i live on this earth, you prevent me from
thinking about other women. the reason is i have already become
indhran, the king of gods, and you are the apsarAs all put together.
(Besides their physical beauty, the apsarAs have nothing to their
credit. Watch the previous varNanais closely.)

He realizes immediately that his love for her is not just carnal.

nI yenadhinnuyir kaNNammA - yendha
nEramum undhanaip pOtRuvEn

watch the next line. it's classic poetry.
thuyarp pOyina, pOyina thunbangaL This line is so sweet that
it is one of my favorite lines in thamizh poetry.

ninaip ponnenak ... pEr sollum pOzhthilE (you know the meaning.)

uyirth thIyinilE vaLar sOthiyE (He crosses all bounds and claims
her to be his virility. uyirth thI refers to kuNdalini - meaning sperm
and vaLar sOthi means AtmA.)
You know the meaning for the next line. bhArathiyA kokkA?

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