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Song of the Day # 251

From: bb (@ on: Thu Jul 3 01:50:44 EDT 2003

Song of the Day: mannavan vandhaanadi from Thiruvarutchelvar.


- A classic to get into the weekend! (No update tomorrow due to the long weekend here.)

- MD: KVM. Sung by P.Suseela. Lyrics by Kannadasan.

- Raagam Kalyani.

- This clip includes the introductory chant, that lasts for almost a couple of minutes.

- PS apparently mentioned that this was her most unforgettable song, saying 'Romba Kashtappattu Padina Pattu Illaya'.

- Chandrasekaran writes in a thread on Kannadasan:

In the early 90s I saw a TV program in S'pore featuring KVM and Pugazhendhi's interview.
They mentioned about their experience composing the grandeur Mannavan Vandhanadi Song.
The song reflects all the details of the magnificent Kalyani raga. The words were
superbly interwoven with the swara structure. Pugazhendi mentioned that both he and KVM
were awe struck when Kannadasan, composed the line Ri... ri ga ma pa da ni sa.., while giving
suitable words for the ending notes (ni, dha, pa, ma, ga) and begining
notes (sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, ni). Pugazhendi, when reminiscing this incident, was in tears
and mentioned that Kannadasan had a fairly good knowledge of ragas and notes.

- In the introduction to that thread (http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/4999.5180.07.11.34.html ), Sankar writes:

In the file ‘ Thiruvarutchelvar’, no one can forget the great song ‘ Mannan Vandhanadi’. This song was penned by Kannadasan and music by legendary KVM and sung by P.Suseela. I do not think we can ever get a better song in the Raga Kalyani in our tamil movies when compared to this song . This song has all the nuances of Kalyani in a capsule form.

In the Charanam, look at these lines,

Viraivinil Nee… Ni
Mana malar Tha .. tha
Thiru Marbaa… Pa
Thamadhama… Ma
Mayil ennai Ka… Ga

Ni.. tha.. Pa.. Ma.. Ga….
The words end in the avorahanam of Kalyani ( descending order of the musical notes)

Similarly, there is one stanza which will have the first letters in the arohanam ( ascending order).. I do not recollect the exact lines..

Ri.. ri ga ma pa da ni sa..
Ka.. karunaiyin Thalaiva
Ma.. Madhi migu Mudhalva..

Do we have any such poet today ?

- PS Solos: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/14753.04:45:24.html

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