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Song of the Day # 221

From: bb (@ on: Tue May 13 23:38:24 EDT 2003

Song of the Day: paduththaaL puraNdaaL urakkamillai from vaNdikkaaran magan.

- A rare song from MSV, sung by SPB. I heard it for the first time today, and I am sure not many have heard of this song. SPB caresses this song, crooning softly, in this song about the longings of a girl. Venkat, this is a song that should definitely go in your list of old and good SPB songs.

- Saravanan wrote this in VJ thread:
MGR had become the Chief Minister of TN the previous year and the DMK party had received the worst drubbing in its history. Kalaignar wished to mould his son Muthu into a celluloid hero in the lines of MGR, but Muthu’s film career was short-lived, and by 1978, he was all but forgotten. It was in this juncture that Kalaignar joined hands with ‘Makkal Kalaignar’ Jaishankar to make ‘Vandikkaaran Magan’. The film was based on CN Annadurai’s story and had fiery dialogues by Kalaignar. The unexpected success of this film emboldened this partnership to try their luck again in the next year, but ‘Aadu Paambey’ sank without a trace. However, Jaishankar was projected as a hero with DMK leanings in a time when MGR was the monarch of all he surveyed in TN. It is quite another story that some years later Jaishankar denied this by stating that neither did anyone from DMK invite him to join the party, nor did he evince any interest in doing so!

Vandikkaran Magan had in its lead the hit pair of the 70s- Jaishankar and Jayachitra. How many films had these two acted together! Petite Jayachitra, with her mischief-filled eyes, was the perfect foil for the sober Jai and there was an undeniable chemistry on screen between them. However, by 1978 the magic had worn thin. Jai’s swashbuckling image was a distant memory and Jayachitra had bought the one-way ticket to ‘Gundoor’. 1978 marked the beginning of the end of the road for her. Her 100th film-Nayakkar Magal was released in 1982 after years in the making. She returned to do supporting roles in Lakshmi Vandhachu-1986 and Paruva Ragam-1987. Her performances in both Agninakshatiram-1988 and Puthu Puthu Arthangal-1989 won acclaim. But, not being satisfied with this, she produced Pudhiya Ragam-1991, with herself as the heroine, and her son-in-law of PPA-Rahman as her hero! The outraged public treated the film with the contempt it richly deserved.
Jayachitra made some negligible forays into politics by becoming a member of the Congress party.

- The female singer is Ramola.

- Singers siriththa paadalgaL :) http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/2837.20298.06.26.29.html

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