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Song of the Day # 193

From: bb (@ on: Wed Apr 2 00:14:52 EST 2003

Song of the Day: Bit Songs from Sree and Sigaram.

We feature two bit songs sung by SPB. These are gems that we can listen to, just to take in SPB's singing.

1. http://www.tfmpage.com/cgi-bin/stream.pl?url=http://www.dhool.com/sotd/kalakala.rm

- This Song, Kala kalavena, appears in the movie Sree, that came out last year. The music is by T.S.Muralidharan. The film itself was an awful one, *ing Surya. This was the first film of T.S.Muralidharan, who scored the music for an album by Manoj (Bharathiraja's son) and Meena earlier.

2. http://www.tfmpage.com/cgi-bin/stream.pl?url=http://www.dhool.com/sotd/nithiyathil.rm

- "Niththiyathtil iru pErum kalandhu pOvOm" is from Sigaram. The music is by SPB himself. I guess the lyrics is by Vairamuthu, seeing such lines as "puvi eerppu maiyaththai kadandhup pOvOm". The next thing might be crossing a blackhole :-) The song is sung when SPB sends a love letter to Radha.

- The other great bit song in this movie, "pulikku pirandhavanE" was featured in SOTD earlier.


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