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Song of the Day # 171

From: bb (@ on: Thu Feb 27 23:33:05 EST 2003

Song of the Day: naan endraal adhu avaLum naanum from suryakaanthi.

- Here's a great song to get into the weekend mood. This song was sung by SPB, with Jayalalitha chipping in with stylish english rejoinders.
- MD: MSV. Lyrics in thamizh by Vaalee, and the english part is by Randor Guy.
- Thread on actors singing playback: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/8714.23:56:03.html
- Sriram Lakshman writes on the way SPB has performed in this song, in the Creativity of MSV thread:
From: Sriram Lakshman (@ sfr-pci-pqr-vty30.as.wcom.net) on: Thu Jul 8 05:48:31 EDT 1999

MS, this one is for you.
A song worthy of discussion, "Naan endral athu avaLum naanum" from 'Sooryaganthi", sung by SPB.
As usual, a strong melody base with the tempo set by a trumpet piece in the prelude set to a
Dum maro Dum kind of beat (Drums and Tabla mixed well).
A youthful SPB is in full form with his sangathis , he sings the pallavi in different ways
after each stanza, sometimes with a roll,sometimes with a drawl etc. I chose this song because,
the santhams presented by KD (?) in this song are very difficult to set to a tune,infact, the
first stanza is almost like a lengthy dialogue.The typical MSV stamp with long drawn out notes
(kaariyamaakkum guNamudayaaa.....L) all over the charaNam and SPB enjoys it, embellishing them
with appropriate expressions. Unfortunately, the second interlude is cut short in the radio
version. The first interlude starts off with a solo violin piece , with finally the organ
prompting the charanam. A lovely composition.
- List of songs by SPB in the 60's and early 70's: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/29404.11874.6.html


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