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Song of the Day # 141

From: bb (@ on: Mon Jan 13 03:58:54 EST 2003

Song of the Day: nallathOr veeNai seidhE from Ezhaavadhu manidhan.

- This is the version of "nallathOr veeNai seidhE" by Rajkumar Bharathi. His first song featured in SOTD. MD is L.Vaidhyanathan.
- Rajkumar Bharathi sang "thaamarai ilaiyE" in thangak kalasam. He also sang "kELadaa" in the film Bharathi.
- A thread on 7th manithan songs: http://www.tfmpage.com/forum/785.09.46.35.html
- "endha nEramum" from 7th manithan was featured in SOTD earlier.


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