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Song of the Day # 1016

From: bb on: Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:27 pm 

Song of the Day: allah jaanE from unnai pol oruvan.



- Music by Shruti Haasan. Sung by Kamalhasan. Lyrics by Manushyaputhiran.

- unnai pOl oruvuan seems to be a new film. Haven't heard anything about it so far. Looks like Kamal may be acting in it. It is supposed to be released some time this year ;)

The much hyped music debut of Shruti is finally here. The songs have been received to generally favorable reviews. It looks like Sruthi's music debut is a bigger hit than her acting debut!

I liked the album overall, not withstanding the fact that the movie should not have any songs at all. Shruti has made a mark. The music has some fresh feel to it in places, and sounds recycled in others. The heavy lyrics of Manushyaputhiran adds to the album's appeal. I liked the SOTD and the song "Vaanam ellai" sung by Blaze and Shruti. Shruti seems to have her balance right, I expected more of a peppy western album from her. May be the subject doesn't lend itself to that. Hope to see Shruti do independent albums rather than become a filmi composer

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