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Song of the Day # 1014

From: bb on:  Fri Jun 26, 2009 8:43 am  

Song of the Day: Beat It from Thriller.



The gloved one is no more!

I was nine or ten years old at that time. Our neighbor owned a cassette shop. We didn't have any non-Indian cassettes at home, and the first cassette I bought from my neighbor's shop was Thriller. The guitar pieces in "Beat it" were intriguing. I remember wondering at that time why this guy was singing in such a feminine voice (didn't they sing like SPB outside India?). Without knowing any context, I used to think whether a guy with such a voice would actually be a father of "Billie Jean"s son! Even to this day, Thriller is probably the only "foreign" album for which I remember the full lyrics for all songs.

My sister was a fan of MJ and she sent me videos of his songs in our family tapes. The last album I listened to keenly from him was "Dangerous". After that, I moved on and didn't follow his album releases.

MJ was more in the news over the last couple of decades for his life and scandals than for his music. His story is a tragic one, of a robbed childhood, of accusations of pedophilia, wealth mismanagement and ultimately, a mockery and downfall of his superstardom. His death puts it all in perspective. The global reaction to his passing away reminds us how much of an icon he was. He was imitated, roasted, reviled and hounded. He was a child trapped in a man's body and could never come in terms with himself. He did his share of things that made you shake your head (will he be buried as a muslim?).

Yesterday was also a watershed day in terms of how real time news spread. Twitter was all abuzz and I came to know about it even before the mainstream media had confirmed it. From Venturebeat:

We saw some of that happen today, as news of Michael Jackson’s death spread like wildfire through the Internet. TMZ.com got the scoop about Jackson being sent to the hospital. But the site went down from the surge of traffic. The LA Times reported he was in a coma, but then that site went down too. The LA Times managed to report that Jackson was dead, and then everyone else started buzzing about it. Twitter went down. Keynote Systems, which measures web site performance, said that the following sites all slowed significantly: ABC, AOL, LA Times, CNN Money and CBS. Starting at 230 pm PST, the average load time for a news site slowed from 4 seconds to 9 seconds.


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