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This is an effort to learn kamba ramayanam in an interactive manner, posting and discussing verses each day. Kamba Ramayanam is an epic in Tamil by Kambar, with more than 10,500 verses. The intricacies, poetic nuances, similes, metaphors, characterizations, descriptions and reading a vast epic in poem format makes this a unique work. The initiative is run through volunteers only. If you want to type up verses and take part in discussions, please go ahead, in this thread. Please contact Balaji Srinivasan (bb) for further details.


  1.  Nool Payan -

  2. Paayiram - ¢

  3. Baala Kaandam -

    1. ARRup padalam  -   

    2. Naattup padalam - 

    3. Nagarap padalam -   

    4. Arasiyal Padalam - ú

    5. Thiru Avathaarap padalam - ž  

    6. Kaiyadaip padalam - ¨

    7. Thaadagai vadhaip padalam - Ũ  

    8. vELvip padalam - Ţ

    9. Agaligaip padalam - Ģ

    10. Mithilaik kaatchip padalam -  

    11. kulamurai kiLaththup padalam - Ө  

    12. kaarmugap padalam - Ӹ  

    13. ezhuchchip padalam -  

    14. varaik kaatchip padalam - Ũ  

    15. pookkoi padalam  -

    16. punal viLaiyaattup padalam - Ţ¡  

    17. uNdaattup padalam -  

    18. edhirkoL padalam -

    19. ulaaviyaR padalam - ġŢ   

    20. kOlamkaaN padalam -  

    21. kadimaNap padalam -  

    22. parasurAmap padalam - á  

  4. Ayodhya Kaandam - ¡¡

    1. mandhirap padalam -

    2. mandhirai soozhchchip padalam -

    3. kaikEyi soozhvinaip padalam - ¢ Ţ

    4. nagar neengu padalam -

    5. thailam aattup padalam -

    6. gangaip padalam -

    7. guhap padalam - ̸

    8. vanam pugu padalam -

    9. siththira koodap padalam - ܼ

    10. paLLi padaip padalam - Ǣ

    11. aaRu sel padalam -

    12. gangai kaaN padalam -

    13. thiruvadi soottup padalam -

This is a compilation of posts in this thread . Please enjoy this great work of literature, one of the most pristine and unique works in the history of mankind. Take part in discussions and keep the spirit of Kamban alive!

Started on Feb 4, 2003   By Balaji Srinivasan (bb), B.Balaji and Murali Shankar.

Whats New:

07/08/2004 (bb) Completed uploading ayodhya kaaNdam to the master page. We move on to Aranya Kaandam next. 

06/17/2004 (bb) Updating the master page after a long time. Uploaded Gangaip padalam and Guhap padalam. Meanwhile, we've completed the Ayodhya Kaandam last month.

03/12/2004 (bb) Uploaded thailam aattup padalam. In this chapter, we see the death of Dasarathan. Madhurabharathi posted several verses in this padalam and in subsequent chapters.

03/01/2004 (bb) Madhurabharathi has joined us in posting the verses and their meanings. We've completed about 570 verses in the ayodhya kaaNdam. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana have just left for the forests.

02/03/2004 (bb) Today marks the first anniversary of this mammoth effort! Last year, Feb 2, we started off. We've done roughly 1740 verses in one year. Thanks to all of you. Let us keep going.

 12/06/2003   (bb) The discussions in the Kamba Ramayanam thread have taken off, thanks to a bunch of knowledgeable newcomers. R.Srinivasan, Sounder, Manian, Madhurabharathi, P.N.Kumar have joined Ananth, Pasupathy, Harikrishnan and B.Balaji in discussing the verses. They provide fresh perspectives and unique insights. Thanks to all of them!

12/04/2003   (Hari Krishnan) ¡ ս, ġ ɾ šи. á½ Ȣ θ ȡ, , , ¡ Ч Ţ. Ψø측 Ũ Ө, Ţ ¢츢. . ܸ Ģ Ȣ Ψø á; Ψø째 .

š á½ . ɢ ħ, Ţħ ¢츢. á½ Ǣ Ǣ 츢ȣ. Ţ𧼡. ħ ŢŢ . ب¡ , á½ Ţ ̧, ̧, ɨ á, á š.

12/04/2003   (bb) This is a great moment! We have completed the whole Baala KaaNdam. That is 1397 verses so far. The effort has been going on for ten months now. We are going to start Ayodhya kaaNdam next.

11/24/2003   (bb) kadimaNap padalam was typed out mainly by Harikrishnan. He provided the meaning for the verses and gave us his insight and interpretations. Thanks a lot to him for an outstanding work. The thread has a lot of discussions for that padalam; Ramar and Seethai are getting married in this chapter. Check it out!

10/15/2003   (bb) Uploaded ulaaviyaR padalam. This is the chapter that has the famous line thOL kaNdaar thOLE kaNdaar.

10/14/2003   (bb) Uploaded uNdaattup padalam and edhirkoL padalam.

10/01/2003   (bb) We completed uNdaattup padalam this week. Uploaded pookkoip padalam and punal viLaiyaattup padalam. Added resources 3 and 4 to the list below. Changed the title layout on top.

09/19/2003   (bb) During the course of this week, we completed 1,000 verses! We finished pookkoi padalam and are doing punal viLaiyaattup padalam. This is an interesting time for a person who expects top-notch poetry from Kamban. Kamban takes a step back from describing the plot, and goes off in a tangent. He paints various scenes during Dasarathans trip to Mythilai; The fun and frolic between the men and women; vivid descriptions of nature; of  girls plucking flowers from a garden and playing in water. The verses in this stage are filled with alliterations and puns. Kambar shows his poetic might in this section. The speed will pick up soon, with Seethas wedding coming up.

09/05/2003   (bb) Added verses from varaik kaatchip padalam. Some books split this padalam into two: Chandhira sayilap padalam (first 30 verses) and varaik kaatchip padalam (47 verses). Weve decided to keep them together as one padalam.

08/13/2003   (bb) We just now completed kaarmugap padalam, the chapter where Raman breaks the bow, to get Seethais hand! Read on for beautiful descriptions of the bow and Raman breaking it effortlessly.  Ananth is helping us with checking the verses for errors and typos, and rewriting passages that are not clearly written previously. So, you should be finding the latest chapter error free and in much better shape than the previous chapters. Weve completed 800 verses.

07/30/2003   (bb) Added link to Harikrishnans articles at the bottom of this page.

07/27/2003   (bb) Completed Mithilaik kaatchip padalam. That is the end of my first book of Kambaramayanam. We've done 719 verses, 400+ pages so far!!! Astounding effort. Thanks to B.Balaji, Hari, Ananth, Pasupathy, MS, AruL and others. Let's keep this going.

06/02/2003   (bb) For each padalam, added links to the pages in the Kamba Ramayanam thread where the verses are posted and discussed. Please follow the links for discussion on each verse.


1.      Book On Kambaraamaayanam:

'Kamban Aayvadangal' authred by S.Sivagaami- Reasaerch Scholar , International Institute of Tamil Studies, Adayar Chennai.
This book Published by Thamiz Pathippakam , Kasthuribai Nagar , Adayar , Chennai 20 in 1978, is an annotated Bibliography on Kamban.

This Book enlists 762 Books and Publications starting from First Book on KambaraamaayaNam Titled ' Narasinga Vijayam' Published in 1842.

2.      Harikrishnans series of articles on The Ramayanam .

3.      Structure and meter of a kalippaa .

4.      Valmiki Ramayanam website .

5.   Marabilakkiyam Yahoo Group: This discusses classic literature in general. Harikrishnan is writing a series on the Ramayanam in here.